The Poetry of Spaces


If you see the city of the angels by night is like to see an ocean full of stars ... every night the stars appear and light our universe with their brightly beautiful shine ... I think about which one you are ... where are you ... but it doesn’t matter where you are in the ocean of lights ... you are always on my mind ... the ocean of lights shines for us ... someday we’ll meet ... and then LaLaLand will shine so brightly like never before ...


At the end of a day hope for a new beginning is back.

The colour blue can wash past things out of our lives.

The silence of the hour arranges the present and opens the space for the future.

So we can try it (again)


U are an angel to me
U do not know

U can fly
But U don't know

U have golden wings
U do not know yet

One day we’ ll fly together
I know it .


Die Idee: Schöne Worte mit Kunst + Räumen verbinden!